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From the President

Dr Jim Watterston FACEL

(2 Comments) From the CEO

Aasha Murthy

Transforming educational leadership to support personalised learning

Dr Mary Lynn Boscardin, Professor, College of Education, University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA

School improvement and teacher leadership: building stronger learning communities

Dr Christine Walther-Thomas, Professor of Special Education and Disability Policy and Special Assistant to the Provost, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia

What is necessary is not always sufficient

Dr Paul Brock, AM FACE FACEL

School leadership and evidence-based practice

Dr Terry Quong, Principal, Jockey Club Ti-I College (JCTIC), Hong Kong

Experiences of novice principals

Mr Phil Lewis, Campus Principal of Nazareth Catholic College, South Australia &
President – Catholic Secondary Principals Australia

Personalised learning for all – are parents the missing key to closing the gaps?

Mrs Cathy Quinn, Educational Consultant, Parental Engagement

How to improve your school – leading personalised learning

Dr Ken Avenell, Principal Education Officer, Brisbane Catholic Education, Queensland

Empowering middle leaders – trends in school leadership research on the principal’s impact on school effectiveness

Ms Amber Carter, Director of Studies, St Philip’s Christian College, Cessnock, New South Wales

How NOT to play favourites with your staff

Wendy Collins, Undergraduate Coordinator and Lecturer, School of Business, Christian Heritage College, Queensland

Question-centred classrooms

Mr Cameron Paterson, History teacher and Mentor of Learning & Teaching, Shore School, New South Wales

Providing an equitable curriculum: fostering and positioning quality teachers in every middle years classroom

Dr Paul Rumble, Senior Lecturer: Education and Research, Christian Heritage College, Queensland

Creating interactive, collaborative teaching programs with Google Apps

Mrs Katrina A Harte, Science Teacher, Inaburra School, Bangor, New South Wales

(1 Comments) School child slaves?

Dr Keith Tronc, OAM, FACEL, Barrister