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From the President

Dr Jim Watterston FACEL

(1 Comments) From the CEO

Aasha Murthy

Pre-school benefits all, and influences the nation’s well-being

Prof Edward Melhuish, Professor of Human Development, University of Oxford, Visiting Professor,
University of Wollongong, New South Wales

(1 Comments) Upstream childcare policy change: lessons from Canada

Dr Susan Prentice, University of Manitoba, Canada

Leadership for professional practice development in early childhood education: From ‘performance management’ to ‘system development’

Dr Joce Nuttall, Research Director, Teacher Education, Quality and Professional Practice, Learning Sciences
Institute Australia, Faculty of Education and Arts, Australian Catholic University, Melbourne

Leadership@Heart – the impact of leadership in the early years

Dr Ken Avenell, Principal Education Officer, Brisbane Catholic Education, Queensland

(1 Comments) The Good Book

Mr Bart Halford, Principal of Sri Utama School Kuala Lumpur & Inspector of Schools for Sri Utama Schools Malaysia

High Performance Schools Case Study: West Key State School Achievement and Engagement

Mr Alistair Kerr High Performance Teams Program Director, Dr Pete Stebbins High Performance Teams Project Leader – Education, Mr Ben De Young Founder & CEO, The Performance Curve, Dr Danielle Stebbins Senior Facilitator, High Performance Teams – Education, Dr Jasmine Rijnbout High Performance Teams Project Leader – Health, Albion, Queensland

Intergenerational trauma transmission and schooling

Dr Neil MacNeill, PhD, EdD, Head Master and Chair Veterans’ Children’s Education Board, Western Australia

Social and emotional leadership competencies

Dr Nathan Simmons, Educational Psychologist, Anglican Church Grammar School, Brisbane

Is there something you’re forgetting?

Mrs Wendy Collins, MMgt, GradDip FET, BCom, CA, Undergraduate Coordinator and Lecturer,
School of Business, Christian Heritage College, Queensland

Assessment – an integral part of early years literacy teaching and learning

Ms Marion Piper, Deputy Head of Junior School, Shelford Girls’ Grammar, Melbourne, Australia

Improving primary school performance through speaking and listening activities

Dr Tony Wood, Honorary Senior Research Fellow, University of Bedfordshire, UK, and former governor
of the English-Speaking Union

Storytelling for the elephant in the room

Mr Sam Refshauge, Executive Director and CEO of batyr

Will using an iTunes U course with the Padagogy Wheel result in effective individualised learning?

Mrs Jacqueline Matta, Mr Brett Salakas, Mr Greg Salerno, Miss Esther Sultana, St Kevin’s Catholic Primary School, Eastwood, Archdiocese of Sydney, New South Wales

Red Rover – is it all over?

Dr Keith Tronc, OAM, FACEL, Barrister