AEL Volume 38 Issue 4 November 2016
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17 Nov 2016 11:53 pm
Anne Doody
This article gives new hope to those of us working to inspire school leaders to not use data and numbers merely to judge, but to explore, uncover thinking and mental models that may be getting in the way of learning and teaching that is inclusive and engaging for both students and teachers.
My 'take-away thinking' from reading the article is to continue to encourage school leaders to not ignore data or the realities of accountabilities that are growing in education, but to balance them with not losing sight of why they became educators, and why they believe in the pursuit of learning.
I'm glad that reflectiveness was mentioned, as I wonder how anyone could 'lead beautifully' without modelling, engaging routinely in, or constantly encouraging, reflective practice'? How are we explicitly supporting the development of these skills?

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