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2017 (1) 27 February 2017

ET News Digest
Your Weekly Education Newsletter
Are teachers overworked?
These days it is not at all unusual to hear that people are working longer hours than they are paid for, and the proportion of the over-worked seems to be increasing. This trend is certainly showing no signs of abating in professional life, and naturally, teachers are prominent among those being affected. Funnily enough, when doctors or nurses or social workers complain, they seem to get an understanding audience – but what about schoolies? Read More
New NSW syllabus earns a tick from teachers
New syllabuses for HSC English, maths, science and history have been released, updating the knowledge and skills students will develop for the workforce and further study.
Released by NESA, the 19 Stage 6 syllabuses will be taught to Year 11 students from 2018 and to Year 12 students from 2019. 
Read More
Principal Health Wellbeing Survey: long hours but job satisfaction
The 2016 Australian Principal Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing Survey reveals long hours and high levels of job demands with an alarming increase in offensive behaviour, but high job satisfaction. The 2016 Australian Principal Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing Survey was released this week. The survey has run nationally since 2011. Since the project began, approximately 50% of Australia’s 10,000 principals have taken part. Read More
$800,000 funding boost for ASPIRE program
UNSW's outreach program, ASPIRE has received a funding boost to allow the university to continue helping students in disadvantaged and regional communities to aim for tertiary education. The program is now involved with 56 primary and secondary schools in regional and metropolitan areas.
Primary students in the ASPIRE Program at Lightning Ridge Central School )photo: UNSW/ASPIRE) Read More
Discipline more effective than monetary investment in schools
Discipline in schools has a greater impact and is more important to educational performance when compared to monetary investment, a new study from Macquarie University has found. Read More
Education needed for children about gambling risks
A new report from Assoc Prof Samantha Thomas and colleague Hannah Pitt, both researchers in Deakin University's School of Health and Social Development, shows many children are keen to gamble because of attractive advertising and its link to their favourite sport. Of the children interviewed, just under 40 per cent described engaging in formal or informal gambling. Read More
Report clears Noel Pearson's Good to Great Schools for Aurukun funding error
The Queensland Audit Office has released a report examining the governance, enrolments, internal controls and human resource practices supporting operations at the Aurukun school; the Auditor-General found no evidence of deliberate manipulation of enrolment numbers. The school was shut twice last year after a series of violent incidents. Read More
SA Islamic College loses Commonwealth funding
The Federal Minister for Education Simon Birmingham has announced that the Islamic College of South Australia will not receive funding after 14 April. In a statement released to the media he said: "The school authority is not meeting the strict conditions placed on them in April 2016, which included obligations around improvements to governance and financial management and regular reporting on progress in making the required changes." Read More
Meningococcal  W Vaccination
for 15–19 year olds

A one-year free school-based vaccination program for Meningococcal W for 15 to 19 year olds will commence in Term 2 for schools in VIC and NSW. Teenagers are at increased risk of meningococcal disease and more likely to spread the disease to others. Read More
DADEE teaches Dads' parenting role
DADEE has recruited around 270 fathers and 350 daughters since its pilot research launch in January 2015. As the first program of its type globally, it demonstrated the wellbeing benefits of engaging dads in positive lifestyle role modelling and effective parenting strategies. Read More
Daryl Higgins appointed Director of ICPS
The Australian Catholic University has appointed Prof Daryl Higgins as the new Director of the Institute of Child Protection Studies. The Institute aims to enhance the well-being of children, young people and families through research, evaluation, training and community education. Higgins comes to the ACU from the Australian Institute of Family Studies, where he was Deputy Director and led the research program. Read More