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2017 (11) 8 May 2017

ET News Digest
Your Weekly Education Newsletter
Budget basics for bosses
What your bursar wishes you knew about budgets – Wendy Collins

Do you ever wonder why bursars and business managers tend to frown so frequently? They are probably expressing their sadness over the un-read budgets sitting disregarded and misunderstood, in the bottom drawer of your filing cabinet.

The role of a bursar is broad, with responsibilities for the day-to-day recording of financial transactions, implementation of systems and administrative procedures, for the presentation of monthly, quarterly, and year-end financial results, as well as the reporting of accounting data and ratio analysis to school governing boards or state government departments. Read More
Gonski 2.0 angers Catholic Education Commission
The National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC) is seeking urgent talks with the Federal Government over the detail of the new education funding announcement.

“It appears that a majority of the 24 schools targeted by the Minister for a cut in funding are independent Catholic schools,” acting Executive Director of NCEC, Danielle Cronin said. Read More
Mixed reactions to Gonski 2.0
The Turnbull Government has announced new needs-based school funding, and an increased investment as part of a new initiative. David Gonski will lead a new inquiry, joined by Dr Ken Boston, also a member of the original review. The reactions to the proposal have been mixed.

AHISA has welcomed the announcement while the AEU has not and the O
pposition Labor party has accused the government of cutting $22 billion from education spending. Read More
Online resources providing parents with guidance tips
A series of free resources providing parents with tips and ideas for supporting their child’s learning at home are available online.

Five Helping children and young people learn fact sheets have been developed to inform parents on how they can actively engage in their child’s education in every stage of their learning. Read More
Secondary students in Wakakirri can earn Certificate II in Dance
The Wakakirri Challenge is the national search for the best Story Dance created by Australian Primary and Secondary schools.

In 2017, Wakakirri is celebrating 25 years and is launching an opportunity for Secondary students to gain accreditation in collaboration with Dance Factory – one of the country’s leading providers of Dance Education. Read More
Maths skills lead to increased life satisfaction
New research shows stronger maths skills could lead to a higher income and level of overall life satisfaction.

The 2017 Westpac Numeracy Study found those who had completed a higher level of maths education were more likely to rate themselves as satisfied in their job, career, financial situation and life overall. Read More
Opposition criticises $60m NSW school maintenance increase
NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Education Minister Rob Stokes have added $60 million to the budget  allocated to reducing the school maintenance backlog, but the Opposition claims that the revised $390m total is still too low.

Over 2100 schools will be funded, with roofing, floor coverings painting and other items to be fixed by December 2018. Read More
Rural students disadvantaged in NAPLAN testing
NAPLAN testing needs to be modified to be less discriminatory for rural students, says the University of Canberra’s Dr Philip Roberts.

In the lead-up to NAPLAN testing next week Roberts said that his soon to be published research shows that some of the questions in NAPLAN are metropolitan-focused and rural students would struggle to understand some of the concepts. Read More