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2017 (12) 15 May 2017

ET News Digest
Your Weekly Education Newsletter
Multi-tasking – Does it really work?
Is it worth being a one-man band? – Dennis Sleigh

Young people constantly amaze me with their ability to perform several functions at once – do their homework, listen to music, peruse Facebook for their myriad contacts, email their other friends, and take part in a phone conversation. Until now, I have envied them their dexterity, and have been in awe of their ability to save time. Sadly, it now seems that while their technical dexterity is obvious, the benefits of their actions might actually be negative. Perhaps it is time for schools to address seriously the issue we know as multi-tasking. Read More
Less TV for preps better for secondary communication skills
A study, by researchers from England’s Newcastle University, Scotland’s Queen Margaret University and La Trobe University and Griffith University in Australia, has found that children who watch less than three hours of TV a day when they start primary school are more likely to communicate their ideas effectively when they move on to secondary school. Read More
NSW Teachers Federation welcomes Labor's budget reply
NSW public schools will lose $846 million under the Turnbull government’s plan for school funding, NSW Teachers Federation Acting President Gary Zadkovich said.

The Federation has developed a school-by-school comparison revealing how much each NSW school will lose in 2018 and 2019, if the Turnbull government reneges on the signed NSW Gonski agreement. Read More
Nominations open for John Laing Professional Development Awards
PAI has launched the annual John Laing Professional Development Awards for 2017 to celebrate outstanding school leaders.

The Awards acknowledge principals in every state and territory who demonstrate exceptional leadership in providing professional learning in schools. They celebrate the contribution principals make to support the development of teachers and other school leaders. Read More
New resources to support VET in secondary schools
Schools, training providers, parents and students will benefit from a series of new videos and case studies that highlight best practise in delivering VET in secondary schools.

The resources are available on the Preparing Secondary Students for Work website. 
Read More
Study: Lower NAPLAN scores could be result of eye problems
A recent study from QUT has found that approximately 30 per cent of a sample of 109 Year 3 students were identified as potentially having uncorrected eye problems and were referred for further optometric examination.

The referred children were found to have significantly lower NAPLAN scores in Reading, Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation, and Numeracy subtests. Read More
Aussie kids second last in scorecard for physical activity
Now in its 18th year, Walk Safely to School Day aims to encourage children to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle by simply including a walk at the beginning, at lunch time and at end of each day.

The event also promotes reduced car-dependency, greater use of public transport, cleaner air, improved diets and road safety. Read More
MIFF Schools program
Previously known as the Next Gen section Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) has introduced the MIFF Schools program, which entails eight films selected specifically for school students screening July to August.

Image left is a still from Boy on the Bridge, which is one of the MIFF Schools program films. Read More