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2017 (14) 29 May 2017

ET News Digest
Your Weekly Education Newsletter
A truck-load of accountants!
The image of the typical school accountant is changing – Wendy Collins

Until recently, accountants were viewed as boring, conservative, grey suit-wearing, bespectacled, mature gentlemen. You might recall the Golden Casket advertisement where it was suggested that you could spend your prizemoney on a ‘truck load of accountants’. The advertisement featured a steady stream of stuck-up, stuffy individuals, strutting out of the back of a semi-trailer, to the tune of Wouldn’t it be nice? Read More
Independents' 2017 Snapshot backs measured approach to funding fight
While the manoeuvring continues to swirl around the Birmingham school funding reform plan, with Labor state governments, the Opposition, Catholic Education and others engaged in intense lobbying of Senate crossbenchers, the release of the 2017 Independent Schooling in Australia Snapshot by ISCA provides current data on the Independents’ profile and where these schools sit in the national education mix. Read More
Parents should be children's first maths teachers
Parents and caregivers need to stop worrying about their maths skills and help young children with maths, just as they do with reading and spelling.

Assoc Prof Sivanes Phillipson of Monash University’s Faculty of Education said the role of parents and caregivers, with whom small children spend so much time before they start school, and while at kindergarten and childcare, is critical in helping children learn, understand and apply maths. Read More
PISA report: Aussie kids average in financial literacy
Australia is equal fifth in an international assessment of young people’s financial literacy, according to a report released by ACER.

The PISA financial literacy assessment measured 15-year-olds’ knowledge of personal finances and their ability to apply this knowledge to financial problems. Read More
More dollars promised for Indigenous education in referendum package
In his address to Parliament on constitutional recognition for Aboriginal people, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced $138 million in new spending to increase opportunities and improve outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.. Read More
High school students with their charge (Image – Sally Tsoutas)

Steer Challenge tests high school students
The annual UniSchools Steer Challenge aims to equip high school students with the skills and knowledge needed to raise a steer.
15 schools from across western Sydney gathered at the Western Sydney University's Hawkesbury campus for the Training Day and Opening Ceremony this month for the competition. Read More
Dub Leffler author and illustrator of Once There Was a Boy
New online resources for Indigenous stories
Reading Australia and Magabala Books have released new resources to bring the work of Indigenous authors and illustrators to schools.

The not-for-profit website provides detailed, practical and user-friendly guides for teachers contemplating using the texts. All resources are freely available and written by teachers for teachers. Read More
Maths Day is fun day
Maths Day 2017 attracted 190 Year 11 and 12 students from New South Wales and the ACT to ANU to take part in maths challenges designed to build teamwork skills and promote a love of maths.
Assoc Prof Stephen Roberts from the ANU Mathematical Sciences Institute said Maths Day is about having fun in mathematics. Read More