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2019 (14) 13 May

ET News Digest
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Many flubs before a touchdown in a performance career
They say the best way to get ahead is to surround yourself with good people, and for the crowd at performing arts program Wakakirri’s Careers Day, that was certainly the case. Students had the opportunity to meet with and pick the brains of some of Australia’s best and brightest in the performing arts. Read more


Invite-only university program to address teacher shortages
When Elise Milner received an invitation, based on her academic performance, to join the National Exceptional Teaching for Disadvantaged Schools (NETDS) program, many of her colleagues had misconceptions about families whose children weren’t turning up for school.
   “Many people have assumptions about who might be at fault or why it is happening, but those assumptions and stereotypes aren’t based on actual knowledge or education,” Milner said.
Read more


Hunt for NSW’s most exceptional teachers
A joint initiative called The Learning Edge from the New South Wales Department of Education and Teachers Mutual Bank will find five extraordinary teachers keen to inspire students beyond the classroom on a new educational YouTube channel.
   The Learning Edge teacher search will identify five NSW secondary public-school teachers who will take part in a unique hands-on workshop with an e-learning expert to develop their content curation. Read more


One in four education workers clock off work and on to their passion
Over two-thirds of Australians working in the education sector are currently working on a side project as they look to turn their passion into their life, but it ain't easy.
   Money is the main thing holding education workers back from pursuing a side project, according to 33% of respondents, with a lack of time generally (19%) and work commitments (15%) also preventing people from following their passion. Read more


Dream big, dream arts
As part of the Dream Big Festival in Adelaide, on May 27 Carclew, a cultural association based in Adelaide, will present Smart Arts, a professional development intensive to inspire the use of creativity and arts practice across curriculum delivery.
   Smart Arts will illuminate how The Arts interplays across the national curriculum and how it can be used as a vital tool for engaging students in learning complex problems. Educator Dr Anita Collins and author Morris Gleitzman will be there. Read more


Teenage Olympians go for gold at the Asian Physics Olympiad
Eight of Australia’s top performing student physicists competed against 170 of Asia’s smartest kids representing 22 countries and regions at the Asian Physics Olympiad held at the Adelaide Convention Centre.
   The Australian Year 11 and 12 students come from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra and Sutton, NSW. They competed in theoretical and experimental exams that drew on first-year university physics, and tried to win gold for Australia. Read more


Over $150,000 STEM program for 100 school students
Amazon has launched Camp Amazon, a new program to inspire and encourage children from underserved and low-income communities to pursue careers in computer science. The new program will give 100 school students in New South Wales and Victoria the opportunity to participate in a wide-ranging two-year program to develop their Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) skills. Read more


Mainfreight launches Student Excellence Award and Best Book Giving Assembly Competition
Mainfreight has extended its support of the Books in Homes Program from seven to nine primary schools across Australia and has launched two new initiatives – the Mainfreight Award for Excellence in Attitude and the Best Book Giving Assembly Competition.
   During 2019, Mainfreight, a logistics company, will deliver almost 20,000 books to 5905 students participating on the Program. Read more