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2017 (16) 12 June 2017

ET News Digest
Your Weekly Education Newsletter

The four stages to turn a group into a team

The four-stage process of team development could save a lot of grief – Robyn Pearce

Abby, the new Chair of her local Parent/Teacher organisation, had seen the previous chairperson run himself into the ground because of poor delegation skills. No way would she fall into that trap, she decided and set about to actively involve as many of her committee as possible. Sub-committees were established for all the core tasks, an experienced leader was appointed to lead each sub-committee, and they were encouraged to seek assistants from other parents not on the elected team. Abby felt that this would be a good way to involve more parents in the running of the school affairs and her team enthusiastically supported the idea. Read More


Students choose careers earlier than previously thought

Prof Jennifer Gore of the University of Newcastle’s School of Education said research undertaken with 6,492 students in Years 3 to 12 at 64 NSW government schools demonstrates that many students are developing clear career aspirations in primary school and early secondary school. Read More

THRASS Conference will feature leading local educators

The THRASS Institute has announced its first National Conference to be held in Melbourne on 25–26 August. Plenary speakers include Prof Chris Sarra, David Hornsby, Jeff Symms and Denyse Ritchie co-author and developer of THRASS.


The theme is Shifting the literacy paradigm – Australian educators as agents for change. It will focus on: professional learning; evidence based teaching; early years teaching, learning differences; ELAD and THRASS as a whole-school model. The meeting is open to teachers, principals, students, parents and support staff and will feature more than 20 speakers from the Australian educational sector presenting on a range of topics. Read More


New state high schools in inner-city Brisbane

Two new schools will open in inner-city Brisbane and another to be expanded. These new state high schools will be the first to be built since 1963.


There are also plans underway for new state high schools in other growth areas across Queensland including Mt Low in Townsville, North Lakes/Mango Hill north of Brisbane, Calliope near Gladstone and Yarrabilba in South Logan. Read More


ARIA Music Teacher of The Year Award

ARIA (the Australian Recording Industry Association) and The Song Room, a national music and arts education organisation have partnered to present the first-ever ARIA Music Teacher of the Year Award at the 2017 ARIA Awards in November.


This award has been introduced to celebrate our music teachers for their passion and hard work in educating Australian children to play and love music. Read More


Help for parents of teens

An Australian service that provides busy parents of teenagers with free, confidential one-on-one parenting help will be launched today by digital mental health service ReachOut Australia.

Delivered using a mix of online and pre-booked phone sessions, ReachOut Parents Coaching gives parents the flexibility to access support from anywhere in the country. Read More

Proposed changes to home schooling regulations in Victoria

The Victorian state government has released proposed changes to home schooling regulations in Victoria.

Families seeking to become registered for home schooling will now need to provide the VRQA with a learning plan.

The plan must show how they will meet eight learning areas: the arts, English, health and physical education (including sport), languages other than English, mathematics; science, studies of society and environment, and technology. Read More

Best keep the TV out of the bedroom

A UCL led study of over 12,000 young children in the UK has revealed that 11-year-olds who had TVs in their bedroom at age 7 had a significantly higher body mass (BMI) and fat mass (FMI) and were more likely to be overweight compared to children who did not have a bedroom TV.

Girls who had a TV in their bedroom at age 7 were at an approximately 30% higher risk of being overweight at age 11 compared to children who did not have a TV in their bedroom, and for boys the risk was increased by about 20%. Read More