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2019 (27) 12 August

ET News Digest
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Boys need support for positive body image
It is vital that teachers and school leaders understand that body image and eating disorders are developing and increasing in those who identify as boys and men, according to Danni Rowlands, National Manager, Prevention Services, Butterfly Foundation.
   Understanding these issues in females has largely been the focus of body image and eating disorder research studies and treatment programs to date due to the greater prevalence of these issues amongst girls and women. Read more


Teacher Workload in Australia now amongst the highest in the OECD
Teachers continue to be put under pressure with the number of hours worked in Australia now ranking among the highest in the world.
   New figures released by the OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) 2018 show that teacher workload in Australia increased significantly since 2013. The increase was one of the largest in the OECD. Read more


Next-gen talent quiz Australia’s leading thinkers on the role of technology in tomorrow’s world
How can we better humanise technology? That’s the question 150 students and teachers from 18 schools in New South Wales tackled head-on as part of the Department of Education’s annual Game Changer Challenge.
   Students and teachers attended Google Sydney headquarters for the flagship event, which kicked off the three-day Challenge. It was organised in collaboration with Google for Education and is part of Education Week 2019. Schools represented came from as far west as Broken Hill, north to Nimbin and the inner city. Read more


Roadmap needed for the Melbourne Declaration
Mitchell Institute at Victoria University has called on the Federal Education Minister to use the review of the Melbourne Declaration aims of schooling, to deliver a roadmap for delivery.
   All states and territories signed up to the Melbourne Declaration 11 years ago, pledging to address inequality in our education system. But since then, few have made substantial progress to deliver the declaration’s aims. Read more


$2M to protect homeless teen mums
yourtown has announced a capital works investment of  $2 million to further develop infrastructure at San Miguel Family Centre to house vulnerable young mothers, their infants and children facing the risk of homelessness.
   According to yourtown Chief Executive Officer Tracy Adams, we cannot protect those most at risk if we are not looking at ensuring the ultimate safety net is in place – safe and secure accommodation.
   “Young parents are particularly vulnerable to experiencing homelessness. Just providing a roof over their heads will never be enough," she said. Read more


Countdown begins for the ATO’s Tax, Super + You competition
Australian high school students have until the 23rd August to enter the Australian Taxation Office’s Tax, Super + You competition for a chance to win from a cash prize pool of over $6000.
   Now in its third year, the annual competition encourages high school students to think outside the box and develop creative entries that highlight the value of tax and super in the community. Read more


Primary school replicated in LEGO at Legoland
Jake Baratta, age 8, from St. Peter’s Primary School won the exclusive opportunity to have his school built from LEGO after winning Legoland's school design competition with his colourful 3D model made from cardboard, icy pole sticks, pipe cleaners and polystyrene.
   Jake and 80 of his classmates got a sneak peek at the LEGO model of the school before it is publicly showcased at Legoland Discovery Centre. Read more