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2017 (2) 6 March 2017

ET News Digest
Your Weekly Education Newsletter
Positive psychology: a pathway to principal wellbeing and resilience
The solution to maintaining the health and wellbeing of school principals – Marcus Wicher

Instructional leader, human resource manager, financial planner, strategic advisor, counsellor, staff and parent mediator, mentor, coach and keynote speaker; the role of the school principal is as challenging and emotionally demanding as it is rewarding.
The ACU’s 2015 Australian Principal Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing Survey (PHWS) found that when compared to the general population, have higher levels of burn-out, lower levels of wellbeing and experience much greater levels of physical and verbal abuse (Riley, 2015). Read More
Teaching resource to increase support for students with disability
The Australian Special Education Principals Association has developed Leading Learning 4 All, a website with resources available to teachers and principals to better support their students with special needs. 
The suite of resources provides teachers with practical advice on effective leadership strategies useful in schools. Read More
Survey shows more ways to support Year 12s needed
A collaborative study by all three South Australian public universities, led by researchers at UniSA’s School of Natural and Built Environments has found that almost 51 per cent of year 12 students find it difficult to decide what to study at university.
The research project, What Should I Study? Improving Tertiary Pathways by Improving Support for Prospective Students, focuses on understanding more thoroughly, how students make their study choices and how universities and high schools can better support them through the process. Read More
Bilingual education key to better Maths and Science results
Uni of SA Applied Linguistics and international multilingual expert, Assoc Prof Kathleen Heugh, says the realisation that Australian students now fall behind countries like Kazakhstan in maths and science seems concerning to some; there are lessons for Australia from Kazakhstan’s adoption of multilingual education policies. Read More
Comprehensive review into regional education
A review of regional education will be conducted with the aim of supporting regional, rural and remote students to be successful in school and go on to further study, training and employment. The review will investigate the barriers and challenges that impact on their educational outcomes. Read More
National Ride2School Day
The Bicycle Network’s National Ride2School Day will be held on Friday 17 March. The event aims to address the decline in physical activity among Australia’s youth by supporting and encouraging schools, parents and students to get physically active on the way to school. Read More
First 50 SA schools to do NAPLAN testing online
Up to 50 South Australian public schools will undertake NAPLAN testing online for the first time, following a successful trial and consultation process with schools. Secondary schools and primary schools will participate in the first year of a three-year transition to online testing across Australia. Read More
Stronger rules for early childhood education in NSW
Key changes to the Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010 and National Regulations come into effect in NSW on 1 October 2017 and include: improved oversight of services and support within family day care to strengthen compliance and quality; and introduction of a national educator to child ratio of 1:15 for services providing education and care to school aged children. Read More
Gonski campaign goes on tour
The AEU’s “I Give a Gonski” campaign will be promoted on a national bus tour in Adelaide and Brisbane. AEU Federal President Correna Haythorpe said Gonski needs-based funding was turning students’ lives around.
“Malcolm Turnbull wants to get rid of Gonski after 2017," Haythorpe said. Read More