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2019 (30) 2 September

ET News Digest
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Teach For Australia’s fulfilment driven model for attracting high achievers
Money is one way to attract high achievers to teaching but it’s not the only way, job satisfaction and fulfillment can be just as effective.
   The just-released Grattan Institute report, Attracting High Achievers to Teaching, offers a range of recommended reforms which, if adopted, could potentially double the proportion of high achievers who choose teaching as a career within the next decade. The package would carry an estimated $1.6 billion annual price tag. Read more


The cost of attracting high-performing teaching students
High achievers could be tempted into the ranks of the nation’s school teachers with more money, $80,000 more than teachers currently get, while high achieving school-leavers should receive $10,000-a-year scholarships if they take up teaching says the Grattan Institute.
  It will require additional funding, much more additional funding from ScoMo though, so existing arrangements won’t be effected. Read more


STEM resources to encourage girls
High school students in Western Sydney got a peek at a new resource which aims to get more girls studying science, technology, engineering and maths. The online resource makes it easy for all students across the country to access information about potential career pathways in STEM.
   Jamison High School in Penrith were among the first to see the toolkit running, developed by Education Services Australia, the Girls in STEM Toolkit includes articles, case studies, podcasts and tools for girls to understand how their existing skills and interests link to STEM study pathways and, ultimately, exciting and challenging careers. Read more


Soft and academic skills should determine school readiness say parents
Parents think that a child should start school when they have the emotional, social and academic ability to do it and the child’s age is less of a concern.
   76% of parents feel social confidence, followed by verbal confidence (61%), emotional maturity (58%) and a degree of reading ability (40%) are the top things that a child needs when it comes to school readiness. Read more


Heavy hitters join forces with QELi for national Deep Learning Lab
QELi is partnering with thought leaders Michael Fullan, Joanne McEachen and Joanne Quinn of New Pedagogies for Deep Learning, and the Queensland North Coast Region New Pedagogies for Deep Learning Coalition of Schools to bring the Deep Learning Lab to Brisbane on Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10 October 2019. Read more


Free lunches in Vic
There is such a thing as a free lunch, Victoria is expanding the School Breakfast Clubs Program to offer lunches and school holiday supplies to children who need them.
   The breakfast program has been a success, emulating that which similar programs have had in the UK and US. Since the program started in 2016, more than 8.8 million breakfasts have been delivered to Victorian students.
   St Albans North Primary School hosted the launch of the $58 million expansion of the School Breakfast Clubs Program. This is the first week the program is being offered at St Albans North Primary. Read more


SBS National Languages Competition 2019 – get involved
Encouraging language learning and language retention in Australia, and in recognition of the United Nations’ International Year of Indigenous languages, SBS has launched the SBS National Languages Competition 2019.
   In its fourth year, the nationwide competition is open to Australians of all ages who are learning a language, including English and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages.
Read more