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2017 (20)

ET News Digest
Your Weekly Education Newsletter

The cheque’s in the mail: tips for effective debt collection in schools

Wendy Collins suggests methods that finance managers should use to bring the fees in on time

You’ve heard all the common excuses – “Sorry, I’ve been so busy, I completely forgot to pay our account”; or, “I don’t think we ever received that invoice”; or “The cheque’s in the mail”.  Maybe you’ve heard some creative excuses as well, like, “Our dog became really ill and we had a huge vet bill. We’ll pay the school fees as soon as we can”.


Whenever finance managers get together, the conversation soon steers towards the topic of the debt collection. Most schools have experienced some problems with overdue fees, whether they be tuition fees, subject levies, or camp costs. For some schools, it can have a significant impact on cash flow. Read More


Proposed merger will erode quality in before and after school care

Before and after school care provider Sherpa Kids Australia has objected to a merger of its competitors Camp Australia and JAG.


In a submission to the ACCC, Sherpa Kids Australia says Camp Australia owner Bain Capital is a US-based firm, and that the potential merger would see millions of dollars of Australian tax-payer funds spirited out of the country. Read More

Creeping commercialism in public schools worries NSW teachers

NSW Teachers Federation has released a statement expressing concern over the Commercialisation in Public Schooling Study (CIPS).


The study shows education technology companies are benefitting financially from developing standards and data infrastructure in schools. A university survey conducted as part of CIPS found that teachers and school leaders are concerned about this increasing ‘creep’ of commercialism. Read More


New book discusses bilingual education in NT

The first detailed history of the innovative Northern Territory Bilingual Education Program, which began in remote schools more than 40 years ago, was launched at Charles Darwin University as part of NAIDOC Week.


The book, titled History of Bilingual Education in the Northern Territory, draws together the grassroots perspectives of education professionals and researchers, archival materials and policy analysis.


Since 1973, English and 19 Aboriginal languages have been used at various times as languages of instruction in 29 schools. Read More


Booze from parents leads to teens heavy drinking

New research led by Dr Gary Chan from The University of Queensland’s Centre for Youth Substance Abuse Research has found parents who supply alcohol to their children create a flow-on effect.

“We found adolescents living in regions where parental supply of alcohol was high were more likely to engage in heavy drinking, regardless if they obtained alcohol from their own parent,” Chan said. Read More

Islamic Schooling Conference to focus on curriculum renewal

Director of UniSA’s Centre for Islamic Thought and Education, Prof Mohamad Abdalla says the Islamic schooling conference being held at Mt Lofty House, Adelaide, next week will be a watershed event for the education sector.


“The conference will be run over two days, 11 and 12 July, 2017 and will focus on renewal of curriculum for Islamic schools” Prof Abdalla says.


“It will also explore a curriculum that would allow educators in Islamic schools, both the religious staff and teachers from other teaching areas, to have far more dialogue and far more opportunities to integrate cross-curricula learning, which is a feature of the Australian curriculum.” Read More


School health nurse program extends to district schools in TAS

Tasmanian Government’s State Budget includes $4 million over four years to continue the school health nurses program.


An extra 7.7 FTE nursing positions will be advertised bringing the total school health nurses to 29.7 across the state, operating across 108 schools. The positions will be advertised on the Tasmanian Careers website from 12 July. Read More


Top STEM educators announced in SA science awards

Twenty of South Australia’s best scientists, researchers and educators have been named finalists in this year’s SA Science Excellence Awards.


STEM Educator of the Year - School Teaching were Christie Evans, Edwardstown Primary School, Anthea Ponte, Rose Park Primary School and Thierry Herman, Le Fevre High SchoolRead More


More funds for QLD preschools

Sixty of Queensland’s early childhood services will share in $1.5 million in grants aimed to improve the safety and quality of service delivery. The grants are through the government's Small Assistance Grant Program.


“This program provides grants of up to $30,000 for staff PD, parental and family engagement activities and essential equipment and resources.” Read More