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For Education Leaders

PISA’s keys to school performance


It looks like the effectiveness of schools lies in listening to what the students have to say about them and moderation is more when it comes to time spent in class. Read more

Educators must learn a lesson in identity governance


2020 has been a year of rapid transformation for the education sector. COVID-19 has created high demand for online learning capabilities and digital-first solutions.

   The wider industry is also changing as education transforms into a global digital marketplace. Universities lacking the financial support from international students are now facing an increasingly competitive market with courses available from all over the world. Read more

Software can reduce Covid-19 outbreaks in schools by 36 per cent


Covid looks like it is very persistent so the better prepared you can be the better it is.

   A tool released by Melbourne-based edtech start-up, Class Solver, is a good way of reducing the severity of an outbreak in a classroom by reducing the number of contacts an infected child might have.

   Class Solver’s Covid-19 algorithm adds to the software’s ability to build class lists based on criteria like behaviour, academic performance and special needs. Read more

Connecting schools boosts performance


A peer group of schools that can exchange ideas and draw inspiration from each other’s experience has boosted the performance of the schools involved.

   The Connection was created by Social Ventures Australia in 2014 to support outstanding and developing school leaders and teachers in school communities experiencing disadvantage to develop collaborations with other like-minded school leaders. Read more

APM for schools: overkill or overdue?


I know what you’re thinking: isn’t Application Performance Manangement the unicorn magic of only well-funded enterprises?

   Well, yes and no. Companies more often tap into the full range of enterprise APM capabilities like custom code instrumentation, app server modification, or even monitoring appliances. However, schools can see significant budget-friendly benefits from 'the best bits of APM.
Read more

Autistic students respond badly to remote learning


The lockdown and remote learning has proven to be a success for some but not all, autistic students look to be among the worst effected by isolation from their regular learning schedules

   A decline in the mental and physical health of many autistic students across Victoria while remote learning during lockdown in Term 3 has been identified.
Read more

How educators can better navigate the complex topic of pornography and relationships


A staggering 70 per cent of children aged 7–18 years old have accidentally encountered pornographic material online, often through a web search while doing their homework. Pre-COVID-19, studies showed that one in four young people had seen porn by the age of 12, and more than half by the age of 14.

   Since the proliferation of smart devices, it has become more and more challenging for both educators and parents to keep children from accessing pornography. Read more