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For Education Leaders

Finding Emma’s Voice – Teaching a child with selective mutism


This is a story about a young student who demonstrated resilience and courage while dealing with anxiety. Read more

STEM not just for boffins says electrical engineer


Electrical engineer Robbie Bell believes the cliché of a stereotypical ‘boffin’ can block students from visualising themselves in STEM careers.
   Through the STEM Professionals in Schools program, Bell and the teacher he is partnered with are finding unique ways to show students that coding, mathematics, and engineering are already a big part of their day-to-day lives.
Read more

Literacy the real barrier to STEM uptake


In Australia, like many other countries, the demand for STEM qualified graduates outstrips the number of qualified workers with only 6% of the Australian labour force holding a university-level qualification in a STEM-related subject.

   Many solutions have been put forward like increasing access to university degrees, but it’s almost futile without addressing a key foundational barrier to literacy comprehension. Read more

Experts partner to unlock the power of language for learning


Literacy is essential to learning and a team of experts has joined to implement language research initiatives, share insights with the education community, and support teachers with developing students’ language and literacy development.
   Oxford University Press’ Oxford Children’s Language Australia (OCLA) partners with leading Australian literacy and language research experts to unlock the power of language for learning. Read more

TeachSafe offers OHS administration service for schools


A recent study from the Monash University Accident Research Centre says that more than 1200 primary school students are being treated at hospitals each year because of accidents in the playground and during sports.
   With that in mind TeachSafe has been created to offer an outsourced Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) administration service tailored to primary and secondary schools in Victoria. Read more

$5 million NSW Government grant to build new school technology facility in Western Sydney


Australian Christian College, Marsden Park (ACC) already has a technology focus and with an Education Infrastructure Fund (EIF) grant of $5 million to build a new three-storey technology facility on its K-12 campus will bring great tech education opportunities to Greater Western Sydney.
   The building will be equipped with video editing rooms with green screens, podcasting rooms, prototyping rooms, robotics labs and more. Read more

Leading international conference on World War II free and virtual


Hosted by The National WWII Museum in New Orleans since 2006, The International Conference on World War II brings together the best and brightest scholars, authors, historians and witnesses from around the globe to discuss the war that changed the world, from key battles to much-debated controversies.
   The conference will be held in an entirely virtual format and completely free of charge for the first time. Read more