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2017 (4) 20 March 2017

ET News Digest
Your Weekly Education Newsletter
Student action through digital leadership
Steve Brophy – Ivanhoe Grammar

Digital leadership roles for students have been around in schools for a while. Under a myriad of monikers such as Digital Leaders, Student Techs, Cyber Angels, and so on, schools have long seen the benefits of harnessing student interest, talent and enthusiasm to help in the digital realm. When I started at Ivanhoe Grammar School five years ago I wanted to establish a role for students where their digital talents and interests were harnessed in an authentic and purposeful manner and where they played a key role in important decision making. Read More
Science literacy levels remain the same but kids are keen to learn
Data from the National Assessment Program – Science Literacy assessments held in late 2015 show little change in national performance levels in terms of both average student achievement and the proportion of students performing at or above the proficient standard. The proficient standard is set at a challenging level and only just over half of Year 6 students reached or exceeded it.
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Children get ahead by working with their strengths
The Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) has introduced a new measure of early childhood development to complement its current suite of indicators. Developed by the Telethon Kids Institute, the Multiple Strength Indicator (MSI), is a strength based measure that provides information on children’s developmental strengths as they commence full-time school. Read More
TIMMS and PISA: the gap remains
Two reports released by ACER confirm that the gap between advantaged and disadvantaged students has barely narrowed over the past 15 years.
Releasing the reports, ACER Director of Educational Monitoring and Research Dr Sue Thomson said further analysis of results show that the decline in the achievement of disadvantaged students is particularly worrying, and presents in many different ways. Read More
New evidence to suggest mindfulness can be harmful
Mindfulness is increasingly being used in classrooms to reduce stress and bring calm to the learning environment.
Dr Leigh Burrows, from Flinders University, says that teachers should be experienced mindfulness practitioners who know how to adapt activities for vulnerable students before they teach or offer mindfulness. Read More
Boys and girls and how they use the Internet
The Growing Up Online – Connected Kids survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab and iconKids&youth show that boys and girls aged 8–16 behave differently on the Internet, meaning different approaches are needed to keep them safe. Girls like phones, while boys prefer computers and game consoles. 
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Edval invites QLD schools to timetabling demos
Timetabling specialist Edval is inviting QLD schools interested in learning how the company's software can improve classroom use and save teachers' time, to register for morning and afternoon demonstrations on 22 and 23 March at the Mercure Gold Coast Resort and on 22 March at the Mercure Brisbane. Read More
Maths is in fashion
Claire Bennett, Felicity Furey and Jillian Kenny are using real world scenarios that are relevant to students’ interests to increase engagement and improve results via their app In Real Life.
The three women were inspired to develop the technology after running a number of engineering workshops targeting young girls in schools. Read More