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2017 (37) 6 November 2017

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Context, context, context: implementing coaching in schools


In real estate it’s all about ‘location, location, location!’ but when we come to implementing coaching in schools, context is everything – Chris Munro


Coaching in education is defined by Professor Christian van Nieuwerburgh (van Nieuwerburgh, 2012, p.17) as: … a one-to-one conversation that focuses on the enhancement of learning and development through increasing self-awareness and a sense of personal responsibility, where the coach facilitates the self-directed learning of the coachee through questioning, active listening, and appropriate challenge in a supportive and encouraging climate. Read More


Smart phones in bed linked to insomnia and poor quality sleep

Children are more vulnerable than adults to losing sleep from taking smart phones and tablets to bed, a new study has found. Experts have warned that children are more sensitive to the blue light from electronic screens. 

     With their brains, sleep patterns and even eyes still developing children and adolescents are particularly vulnerable Read More

Make My Idea winners will have clever concepts prototyped

Make My Idea has been launched to encourage students to seen beyond the self-motivation needed for STEM subjects in school, to a world where science, technology, engineering and maths underpin almost every aspect of a high-tech society. There's no limit to what can be entered. It could be something that solves a problem, such as shoes that charge a mobile phone Read More


Terms of Reference for SES score methodology released

The Turnbull Government has released the terms of reference for an independent inquiry into the data and methodology used to determine specific components of Commonwealth funding for non-government schools. Read More


NAPLAN tests and technical requirements online

Teachers, students and parents can become familiar with NAPLAN Online by completing mini-tests available on the NAPLAN public demonstration site, located within the NAP website. 


Visit the NAP website to find out the minimum technical requirements for completing NAPLAN Online. Read More

Michael Chaney to head National School Resourcing Board

They eight members of the National School Resourcing Board have been announced. Chaired by Dr Michael Chaney, the Board will undertake reviews of different parts of the funding model under the Australian Education Act 2013. The first review will consider how socio-economic status (SES) scores are calculated Read More


Researchers respond to CIS report: Getting the most out of Gonski 2.0

Early in October, policy think tank, The Centre for Independent Research (CIS) released its report: Getting the most out of Gonski 2.0: The evidence base for school investments on the use of Gonski funding. It tapped into an ongoing debate over phonics, literacy, and behaviour management. 

     With submissions for David Gonski’s review on funding for education initiatives now closed, leading researchers have responded to the report. Read More

New HSC music program puts Australian composers centre stage

HSC music students and teachers are being given access to the thinking and methods of some of Australia's leading composers in a new program developed by education academics at the University of Technology Sydney. The MusEd program will bring alive for senior school music students their requirement to study contemporary (from the past 15 years) Australian compositions. 
Read More


ACEL 2018 theme is 'Trust your experience – setting the learning agenda'

The venue for next year's Conference is the Melbourne Convention Centre from 3–5 October. The meeting will discuss the process of learning through experience, providing delegates with an opportunity to develop their professional knowledge and apply this knowledge to schools and systems. Read More