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For Education Leaders

Embracing Student and Family Wellness for School Success: An Invitational Approach to Full-Service Schools


The problems affecting schools are now well beyond mere academic interventions. Basic needs like nutrition and a stable home environment are important along with the mental health and the self-concept of the child. Appropriate supports are required for students, staff and caregivers. Providing wrap-around, school-community services by Building Connections provides a different approach for the provision of services and supports across a range of school communities. Read more

Teachers Shouldn't Feel Afraid to Speak Up About Their Own Wellbeing


Speaking up as a teacher can be difficult, especially for those who are already experiencing high levels of stress or anxiety.
   In order to help teachers find their voice, schools need to provide their teachers with safe, private spaces to air their concerns, whether it be through anonymous reporting channels or regular check-ins with trusted members of the management team. It is critical that their concerns be taken seriously and addressed promptly. Read more

How the New Mathematics Curriculum Will Impact Australian Primary Teachers


Mathematics (9.0) which was released, after considerable consultation in April 2022 is a new curriculum and will undoubtedly “shock” teachers and should significantly change what and how mathematics is taught. Content that was there, has now been moved or removed, and content that was never there is now included. These changes are the result of ACARA trying to better prepare students for [1] tomorrow’s careers and [2] the society in which they live. Read more

School Looks to Boost Agency Through Research


Victoria based Westbourne Grammar School (WGS) is undertaking a study conducted for and by teachers and students that seeks to encourage the entire school community to play a vital role in shaping education at WGS.
  Partnering with The University of Queensland, WGS launched the study in February this year and the aim is to understand how student agency is encouraged from prep to year 12. Read more

Change ATAR? Be Careful What You Wish For


In a quest to learn more about prospective students and the prospects of their success at uni, tertiary institutions are moving towards reducing reliance on the ATAR.
   But Dr Ilana Finefter-Rosenbluh Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Education, Monash University believes that, “As the ATAR debate no doubt continues, we might be critical of this ‘blunt’ number but need to be careful if any changes are genuine improvements ...” Read more

Teaching Resource for Consent


SBS Learn has teaching resources based on selected clips from the series on consent Asking For It, exploring respect, consent and power through age-appropriate materials for school students. Developed in partnership with the eSafety Commissioner and Body Safety Australia, these resources aim to equip students to navigate the complexity of  relationships. The resources includes guiding questions to prompt meaningful discussions and short videos. Read more