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For Education Leaders

Adaptive Teaching: Finessing Great Teaching Practices


Adaptive teaching involves teaching the same lesson objectives to all students whilst providing scaffolds to support all students in making progress. Adaptive teachers will have a deep understanding of the needs of their students. They will have a range of strategies at their disposal that can be used in a range of ways throughout a single lesson. Read more

90 Per Cent of Teachers Can't Afford to Live Where They Teach


Like many other essential workers, teachers are under housing pressure, especially in the cities.
   Teachers are being priced out of housing near their schools, with many areas even too expensive for educators at the top of the pay scale. More than 90 per cent of teaching positions across NSW – around 50,000 full-time roles – are located in Local Government Areas (LGAs) where housing is unaffordable on a teacher’s salary. Read more

Exploring the Intersection of Coaching and Neuropsychology in the Emerging Field of the Neuroplastician


The intersection of affective neuroscience, applied neuroplasticity, neurolinguistics, neurotransmission and coaching psychology has seen the emergence of new kind of professional, the Neuroplastician.
   The Neuroplastician, a coaching practitioner, is skilled in applying neuroplasticity. Neurotransmitters play a crucial role in emotional experiences and the relevance of neurolinguistics to encourage behavioral change. Read more

Gemma’s Fast Track Career Hack


When it comes to forging a career, it’s best to start as early as possible and as year 12 students knuckle down to study in the lead up to the upcoming HSC exams, Central Coast teen Gemma Szabo has already kick-started her healthcare career as a trainee Assistant in Nursing (AIN) through TAFE NSW while completing her HSC.
   The 17-year-old Gosford local has already clocked in a year of working at an aged care facility. Read more

Teaching Computation in the Primary Years of the Australian Curriculum – What’s New!


ACARA has significantly emphasised mental computation strategies in the primary years of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics 9.0 (ACM). In fact, traditional paper-and-pencil algorithms are not mentioned in the content descriptors of any year level. This decision should be applauded and embraced as the use of written algorithms are clearly yesteryear’s skills and will not be used when today’s students enter the workforce. Read more

Why Conceptual Learning Matters More Than Ever for our Future Economy


The recent boom in generative AI has led to increasing conversations and concerns about the technology’s role in our futures. Artificial intelligence (AI) could replace the equivalent of 300 million full-time jobs. AI's impact will vary across different sectors, for instance 44% of legal professions’ tasks will potentially be automated. The rise of AI is now playing a role in the classroom too, with educators recognising its opportunities and threats. Read more