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For Education Leaders

How to Take Control of What Cannot be Controlled


An active self-directing and self-empowering process can overcome many of the social and academic challenges faced by students. Read more

Empowering Students with Data


Although data is a high priority in schools across the country (and world), a key piece that is often missing from school data conversations is the involvement of students. Data is most impactful when it is known by people who can actually do something about the insights and trends that the data uncovers. When students become data-informed learners they have a better understanding of their ability and potential. Read more

Serious Play


Kids like video games and capturing the engagement they usually reserve for gaming and directing it towards learning was gamification’s hope.
  The idea is mature now and it is looking like, with the right technologies, content and structuring, gamified lessons are delivering on their promise.
  The lingering fear has been that, while fun, using video games in class might not be as productive as it should be. Read more

Teacher Trainers Excluded from Workforce Supply Discussion


The teacher shortage is acute everywhere and as state governments cast about for solutions there is one voice that is conspicuously absent from the discussion in WA, that of the providers of teacher education.
  Earlier consultation might have been valuable as the teacher shortage phenomenon was foreseen by many working in academia. It is encouraging to see that WA is prioritising teacher workforce solutions but is ignoring significant knowledge. Read more

Aussie Principals headed to Harvard


Three of Australia’s best and brightest principals have been given the opportunity to undertake a professional education program at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education (Harvard).
   The principals will undertake a program at Harvard specifically designed to strengthen their educational leadership skills. Each Principal Scholarship is valued at approximately $14,000 and includes program tuition for the Harvard program. Read more

Resilience, Goal-Setting and a Growth Mindset: 3 Key Ingredients for Student Success


The World Economic Forum has stated that, in order to prepare young students for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, our current education systems need to be upgraded in line with the Education 4.0 model.
   In this framework, the 3 skills that students will develop to be prepared for the jobs of the future are: problem-solving, collaboration and adaptability. Resilience is a key skill and it became particularly important during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more