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For Education Leaders

Reducing Teacher Anxiety in Schools


Teachers report high levels of anxiety, especially younger teachers embarking on their careers. A principal who encourages communication, organisation and establishes a positive school culture can do a lot to reduce the amount of stress staff experience at school. Read more

Which is the Most Reliable LMS?


LMS systems, they’re part of how schools work, many will be quite similar in their capabilities, but some are more reliable than others.
   A study on LMS reliability by Statusgator analyzed incident and outage reports from the official status pages for Seesaw, Blackboard, Canvas by Instructure, PowerSchool, Nearpod, and Google Classroom over a one-year period.
Read more


Why Distance Education Suits Children Being Bullied


Many parents understand the heart-breaking experience of having a child who is being bullied. Watching your child go through bullying can be traumatic, leaving parents searching for solutions to help their child find relief from their circumstances.
   Distance education may be the answer, offering a child the opportunity to take control of their educational environment and focus on their studies without the added stress of bullying. Read more

Reining in Big Data


Data, we gather loads, and while, if used well, it provides a granular image of what is happening around students and their progress, the danger is that it usurps teachers’ educational values and professional knowledge.  
   Professor Sam Sellar of Uni SA warns that currently, the way big data and big tech are reshaping the world of education means we are walking blindly into serious challenges. Read more

Cheaper, Easier CRT Hiring


Casual relief teachers can be expensive, after the agency takes a cut, the cost of accessing some help when a member of staff can’t make it can make a real hole in the budget.
   It’s a situation that was ripe for disruption and airTeachr, an online platform designed to smooth the process of hiring and managing casual relief teachers, is looking to take up the slack, streamling the process and offering cost savings and CRT quality control. Read more

Maths Success is All About Confidence


Faced with unfamiliar notation, intimidating language and abstract ideas, students often throw maths into the too hard basket.
   Teaching it well depends on building confidence, focusing on strengths in students’ mathematics work rather than their weaknesses, shortcomings, and failures.
  Dr Thorsten Scheiner, of ACU, says encouraging teachers to use a strengths-based approach when assessing students’ mathematics work would help. Read more