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For Education Leaders

Maintaining our Sanity as Educators in an Increasingly Threatening World: Advice from the Ancients


If you thought modern teachers have it bad, think of the ancient educators. Socrates was executed, Plato was held against his will by a tyrant in Syracuse, Protagoras was exiled for questioning Paganism, Hypatia was burned and had all her limbs torn off for supporting Paganism, Anaxagoras was exiled for teaching that the Moon was a rock, not a god, Aristotle self-exiled before they could kill him. Teachers today could learn from their coping mechanisms. Read more

Embedding Early Career Teachers


No one wants to go to a job that makes them unhappy and teaching seems to excel in that area, you’ve only to look at attrition rates for confirmation.
   Young teachers are quickly discouraged by the behavioural issues in classrooms - it’s official, we have some of the worst behaved students in the world - and the sheer amount of work required on top of their teaching load. Many leave within two or three years.
Read more

Maths, Motivation, Brain Maps, the Mind and Merit (Part 1)


Maths decline is an extremely complex educational, social and pedagogical problem. One consideration is to put in place a wide range of interventions, from Prep through to Year 12. Of course, none of this is easy. However, as the ancient adage declares: all journeys begin with the first step. This first step may not be the answer, but it could be considered as being one step towards a pathway of potential considerations. Read more

Maths Teaching Upskilling, Fast


Out of field maths teachers are common, an inevitability because of the shortage of specialised maths teachers.
   To help meet demand, a new type of short course to upskill future maths teachers in partnership with industry and with the backing of the federal government has been launched by Southern Cross University, the Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Mathematics for Out-Of-Field Teachers. Read more

Attendance in Remote Schools Still Declining


School attendance in our First Nations communities is declining despite the continuation of the remote schools attendance strategy.
  And while this is discouraging, there are some methods that seem to work to promote consistent school attendance in the country’s more remote communities. The answer seems to lie in providing teacher support, keeping an eye on cultural sensitivity and adequate funding. Read more

Citizen Scientists Needed to BioBlitz


If you really want to get among scientific research and help scientists to understand the ecology in your local area here is the chance.
   The Citizen B&B BioBlitz wants students to spend one lunch time or equivalent in their school grounds taking observations (photos, videos or audio recordings) of plants, insects, birds and other pollinators. It runs from 1st-22nd September, 2023.
   Teachers will upload observations to iNaturalist. Read more