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For Education Leaders

Deepening Understandings of Our Stress-Responses: Empowering Students to Become Ready to Learn


Sharing knowledge about developments in neuroscience with young people powerfully demystifies how their own brains work and can shift stigmatising narratives from educators and students, such as ‘This student is always defiant’, or ‘I give up!’, to narratives like ‘This young person needs strategies for regulation’, or ‘I need help to de-escalate and co-regulate’. When students understand the how and why of their responses in these complex or overwhelming moments of conflict, they are empowered to engage in positive behavioural reflection to be the person they want to be. Read more

Adopting a Structured Literacy Approach


I was a graduate, teaching Year 4, and on my first day of the school year, I vividly remember the excitement, anticipation and, dare I say it, confidence, I felt on that initial day as the students entered the room. I also remember having the wind blown out of my sails when I discovered a new student to the school could not read. The bit that got me was that I realised that I had no idea how to teach a student how to read.
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Dealing with Derek the Angry Bloke


“F... you and f... this place - I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS S...!”
   Unfortunately, education professionals regularly have to deal with difficult situations where there is a risk of verbal and physical abuse.
   However, a new award-winning project from Edith Cowan University (ECU) can put them right in the middle of these situations to learn how to negotiate such an experience, without actually being in harm’s way. Read more

Loss of Leadership is Number One Threat to Education


It's good to be a principal or in a senior leadership role in schools, teachers? Not so much. In an investigation of the state of schooling so far this year, principals and senior leadership colleagues expressed more optimism about their roles and the future of their schools compared to teachers and middle leaders.
  Teachers and middle leaders are not feeling positive about their work or the culture of their workplace. Read more

National Science Week - Huge Array of Sciencey Activity


Great scientific activities are available in every state, in Acton ACT for instance First Nations food and medicine Wiradjuri man Adam Shipp takes you through which Australian plants are good to eat and useful as medicine. Shipp, of Yurbay Consultancies, shares knowledge of the food and medicine plants that grow in ACT in a series of tours with the opportunity to sample some of the flavours found in the Kennedy Garden and around Canberra. Read more

Why We Continue to Self-destruct


It is frustrating to see people persistently engage in behaviour that causes them harm, and we are often left scratching our heads and asking why? Why, did they not learn from their past behaviour?
   Learning might be at the centre of the problem, people who consistently harm themselves and others through their behaviour seem to create logical, but ultimately wrong explanations for why they have suffered. Read more