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For Education Leaders

The Sunk Cost Effects and Commitment Bias That Impact on School Decision Making


The Sunk Cost Effect dilemma is an important topic in finance, building, politics and education, and in this paper we reiterate the point that the Sunk Cost Effect is alive and well in our classrooms and schools’ planning. We see the effects of Sunk Cost every time a school examines aspects of their business and strategic plans, and evaluates the merits of retaining already established and imbedded reading, STEM or maths programs. At the start of the current planning period, school staff constantly need to ask, “Are these existing programs producing the results we need, or, regardless of the money already outlaid, do we need to look for something more effective?” Read more

Where is the Line Drawn Between Teaching and Parenting?


The role of teachers seems to be expanding, well beyond traditional subjects like Maths, English, and Science. As well as teaching, educators are being tasked with educating on 'consent,' 'youth mental health,' and 'surf safety.' The issue now is where the boundaries lie, where teaching stops and parenting begins.
   The breakdown of families and the consequences of that are being laid at the feet of teachers. Read more

Classroom Strategies for Children with Communication Difficulties


Every child should have an equal opportunity to learn and succeed in the classroom, according to inclusive education. However, this might offer special difficulties for kids who have communication issues, necessitating specialised classroom management techniques to assure their academic and social success. Various illnesses, such as speech abnormalities or learning disabilities, might cause communication challenges. Read more

Doctor Encourages STEM Careers with School Program


It’s well into the 2020s but some of the attitudes that Dr Jenni Wellington encountered during her medical education would not have been out of place in the 1950s.
   Along with the rigours of her degree Dr Wellington met with resistance, negativity and bared faced sexism. She persisted nevertheless and achieved her medical qualification and has gone on to found a health care start up. Read more

Leading Through Chaos and Change in Secondary Schools


Coping with the challenge of change, and the chaos that comes with it, presents a litmus test for educational leaders. However, solutions exist for those who are prepared to harness them.
   Identifying and maintaining your vision is key. At the core of effective leadership lies the ability to articulate and uphold a clear vision. By keeping their gaze fixed on the overarching goals, leaders can navigate challenges. Read more

Mass Teacher Protests


In NSW, Queensland and the NT this week, thousands of teachers have protested the pays and conditions offered to them.
   Teachers from across Western Sydney stepped up their campaign for fair salaries and workloads and rallied outside Education Minister Prue Car’s Londonderry office to call on the Minns Government to honour its agreement to tackle the teacher shortage.
   In the electorate of Londonderry there are 21 full time teacher vacancies. Read more