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For Education Leaders

The Teacher Shortage is a Myth!


We have teachers who are able to teach, it's just that the changes that need to be made to the system to support their teaching continue to be ignored, marginalising the work of imparting knowledge to students. Read more

Life at the Top


A new Monash University study is exploring the emotional demands experienced by Australian principals.
   Led by Monash University’s Faculty of Education, the study will provide a chance for principals in public schools to tell their stories about how these demands are impacting the nature of their work. The survey will offer a glimpse into the nature and complexity of a principalship through a website.
Read more

Schools Drowning in a Data Tsunami


Data, we have data, and with the latest massive NAPLAN results data dump it’s been quickly repurposed as a way of levelling criticism against Australian education and teachers.
   But there are better ways to employ the data we’ve collected in a more constructive way, we need to redirect the way we use data, away from the big-data tsunami and towards what is useful to students, leveraging teachers’ expertise. Read more

Identifying What Works in Behaviour Management


There are many ideas about behaviour management and School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) is a research-based approach that has been rolled out across many schools. After twenty years of Positive Behaviour Support, the conclusion is that while the strategies work, the devil is in the application.
   Dr Lorna Hepburn currently leads implementation of SWPBS in Queensland, she says... Read more

How to Provide Better Support for ESL Students


Students who come into an English-speaking school as non-native speakers face a lot of challenges. Not only are they confronted with learning a new language, but they also have to learn other subjects in a language they still don’t fully understand.
   Beyond these practical academic challenges, students also often have to contend with cultural integration issues. It can be extremely difficult to navigate the social ups and downs in a school. Read more

Female Scientists no Longer in the Shadows


I was three years old when I told my parents I wanted to be a physicist. Growing up in a household full of science and engineering - my mother a GP and my father an engineer - my passion was encouraged and nurtured.
   In this environment, I always understood that a career in science was an option for me.
   But I know that not all girls are lucky enough to have a STEM role model in their own household, and it reflects in careers outcomes. Read more