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For Education Leaders

Is the Principal Accountable for the Viability and Sustainability of Your School?


With over twenty years as a principal in four independent schools, Dr Paul Teys says, Yes! There is a lot at stake in independent schools if principals don’t sustain the school's enrolment market share. At risk is the reputation of the school in the community, the financial viability of the school, and long-term sustainability if enrolments decline. The high stakes are due to the tension between the competitive enrolment market and the high fees (compared to other options in the catchment) the schools charge. Read more

Staughton College’s Culture of Support


Kristy Herridge, Principal at Staughton College in Melton Vic, has made a concerted effort over a number of years to improve the way her staff work together. She was instrumental in engaging consultants Leading Teams to help build a school environment that encourages a sense of belonging and equips staff with strategies that help them to rub along and get past the inevitable disagreements.
Read more

Five Things Teachers Don’t Know About ADHD


80% of ADHD children have one coexisting condition, and 50% have two. These coexisting conditions are likely to be dyslexia, dyspraxia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia. But there are also lots of other coexisting conditions as well, which is why they also say, ADHD is a big umbrella, and a lot comes under it.  Other conditions that are often connected are IBS, social anxiety, sensory processing disorder, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Read more

Short-form Social Media Videos Doing Damage


The appeal of Tik Tok videos is that they seem real, spontaneous and unedited, that idea is often mistaken and leads to body image issues, especially with young women.
  Just a little exposure to short-form social media videos reflecting unattainable appearance standards - known as appearance-ideal content - is enough to have a negative impact on body image. Appearance ideals are what our culture tells us about how we should aspire to look. Read more

Boosting Uni Enrolments in the NT


Lots of young people in the NT don’t end up going to university, there are many reasons for that but a major one is a lack of familiarity with tertiary education.
  In response, Charles Darwin University (CDU) runs a program helping to guide high school students into tertiary education which is now expanding to Katherine, Alice Springs and Nhulunbuy.
   CDU’s Aspire program shows students what uni will hold. Read more

Game on for Mental Wellbeing


Sports have a profound influence on mental wellbeing and sporting clubs have enormous potential to enhance young people’s general mental health and wellbeing.
   During COVID many young people’s mental health declined and it was found that individuals involved in both team and individual sport reported significantly better general and physical health compared to those involved in individual only sports throughout the pandemic. Read more