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For Education Leaders

Utilising Signature Strengths to Build Teaching and Leadership Skills


Parents are discerning, and from a variety of sources they ascertain which schools best suit their children’s particular needs. Every school is evaluated and compared by the parents, and the schools’ particular signature strengths are pitted against parents’ views of their children’s needs. So, the question for us as teachers is: “Are our teaching strengths recognised in the school community?” And, as leaders - “Are our leadership strengths recognised in the school community?” Read more

Students Design AI Education Tool


Given the opportunity to ideate and create real life solutions using technology, the concepts students are capable of producing often surprise on the upside.
   Recently, Dinel Bomiriya and Gideon Tse from Yarra Valley Grammar School in Melbourne, Victoria, participated in the 2023 BioTech Futures Challenge organised by the University of Melbourne. The challenge connects high school students with world-class academics. Read more

Growing More Local Teachers in the Regions


Instead of wrenching teachers away from their city lives to work in the regions where the teacher shortage is pretty acute, a program designed to encourage locals to enter teaching has been working well and is set for expansion.
   The successful Grow Your Own Teacher Training program will introduce an additional stream called the Grow Your Own Local Teacher Pipeline program.
Read more

Joyce Hres Joins the 1%


Achieving Highly Accomplished Teacher status is nothing to sniff at, as of 2023 only 1211 of the 307,000 full-time-equivalent teachers in Australia have obtained the certification.
   For secondary school educator at Australian Christian College Moreton, Joyce Hres, who has worked at most levels in K-12 education, becoming a Highly Accomplished Teacher was not something that was done alone, help from colleagues was instrumental and key was acknowledging her own skill. Read more

Five Study Tips Before VCE Exams


I don’t know if this is really a study technique - but it’s righteous advice. You wouldn’t brush your teeth all at once for a whole year - it wouldn’t be as good as brushing your teeth regularly for short periods of time, and it would seem like a long, painful experience. But that’s how lots of people approach studying for the exam. Trust me, it’s much better to study regularly for short periods of time than to save it all up and study in the weeks leading up to the exam. Read more

Another Way to Get Into Competitive Courses


The HSC is not the only pathway to studying high ATAR requirement health degrees at university.
   Recent figures from the NSW Education Standards Authority on last year’s HSC cohort say one in 10 students struggle with pain, concentration issues or anxiety disorder, impacting academic performance.
   Newcastle sisters Erin and Kate Parker know first-hand how taxing the senior high school years can be. Read more