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For Education Leaders

Not Like That - Try Yoga!


For many teachers, if they were able to jettison some of the many administrative tasks requiring completion on a daily basis, it might mean a more manageable workload. That would likely be a more effective strategy to boost teacher wellbeing than mindfulness coaching or yoga. Read more

Science Needs to be Allowed to be Exciting


Science teacher Judith Stutchbury from Kalkie State School, Bundaberg, has that sought after ability to spark students’ interest in the subject. It’s a big part of her success as a teacher and one of the reasons she won the primary teaching category in this year’s PM’s Prizes for Science.
   Living close to the Great Barrier Reef, Stutchbury has incorporated the natural wonder in her teaching, lending colour to her classes. Read more

Successful Children’s Literacy Program Gets 1.5 Million Dollar Plus Boost


Recent NAPLAN data showed that over 30 per cent of Victorian Year 3 students were not reading proficiently, highlighting the need for exemplary evidence-based instruction for teachers and educators.
   La Trobe University’s Professor Pamela Snow and Associate Professor Tanya Serry founded the Science of Language and Reading (SOLAR) Lab in 2020, collaborating with researchers, teachers, school leaders and allied health professionals. Read more

Tips and Tricks to Help Young Aussies Cope with Back-to-school Anxiety


The beginning of a new school year is a time filled with mixed emotions for many young Aussies. While it offers the promise of new experiences, friends, and opportunities, it also carries the stress that can come with academic performance, social pressures, and having a more demanding schedule.
   For many children and adolescents, these worries can cause emotional distress and discomfort.
Read more

AI in SA’s Schools


The South Australia Department for Education has built and trialled a chatbot designed specifically for teaching and learning, ‘EdChat’.
   According to Martin Westwell, Chief Executive of the SA Department for Education, EdChat was born as a response to tools like ChatGPT entering the market, providing teachers and students with a safe environment in which to explore AI. Read more

Partner Violence Common in Teens


Young love, what could be sweeter? As it turns out, too often it is far from sweet. New data from the Australian Institute of Family Studies has found that nearly one third of Australian young people aged 18-19 years old have experienced intimate partner violence in the past year.
   The abuse is emotional, physical and sexual, often leveraged with social media and phones. Young women were also more likely to be victims of sexual abuse. Read more