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For Education Leaders

Appointing New Principals and the Importance of Continuity in Leadership


As educational leaders, principals have the unique opportunity to shape not just the academic outcomes but also the very soul of the school. By respecting the legacy and building on it, they can ensure that the school continues to thrive in an ever-evolving educational landscape. Read more

Australia is a Maths Leader?


The trope holds that there is something wrong with maths teaching in Australia, we’re falling behind, the students aren’t engaged, things aren’t looking great for the STEM centric future. But that isn’t entirely true, Australia leads the way in a segment of mathematics that will be fundamental in a world where data is currency. We’re a leader globally in statistics education placing Australia at the frontier of a data science, AI driven, machine learning age. Read more

How Secure Schools is Helping Schools to Keep Cyber Attackers at Bay


According to the Australian Cyber Security Centre, the education sector reported the most ransomware incidents of all reporting sectors in 2021-22, rising from fourth in 2020-21.
   Founded by former head teacher Gill Foster and education cyber security compliance specialist Paul Alberry, UK-based Secure Schools has 1000 schools in its Pro Support plan, with many others working their way through Audit and Assurance. Read more

The Effect of Digital Technologies on Kids


Children are immersed in technology from a very young age, often before they can read and write, kids are handed an ipad and begin to navigate the digital world.
   The age at which children start regularly engaging with these screens has shifted from 4 years to 4 months over the past few decades. Not only are children starting screen use earlier, but most Australian children were found to exceed the national recommended guidelines for screen use. Read more

Understanding and Applying the Difference


Hard goals, and working hard towards these goals, tend to bring greater value. The aim of promoting and engaging in the action of purposefully seeking out hard goals, according to Kevin Linderman et al., is to extend the individual mentally, emotionally, intellectually and physically because hard goals are (more often than not), “closer to the upper limit of an individual’s capacity to perform than to their initial level of performance.” Read more

Competition a First Step in STEM Careers


One strategy that seems to work well to encourage continued STEM study is building enthusiasm and exposure to STEM in high school.
   Take the now 23-year-old Science and Engineering Challenge (SEC) - the competition is national and the finals were held on the 31st of October - which has shown the possibilities that STEM offers to more than 400,000 students since it began. Read more