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For Education Leaders

Taking on Racism in Schools: A Framework for Cultivating an Inclusive Educational Environment


The fight against racism in schools is not a battle waged in isolation but a collective journey towards understanding, acceptance, and unity. Educational leaders are positioned to foster an atmosphere where every child can thrive and here are some strategies that schools can use to counter racism. Read more

Positive School Climate: Improving Student Mental Health and Wellbeing


School climate is affected by everything and everyone in the school ecosystem. Individuals’ perceptions of self-worth, ability and value affect school climate. Superintendents in over fifty independent school districts in Nassau County, Long Island, New York, created The Nassau County Mental Health and Wellness Strategic Plan to guide the creation of welcoming schools and encourage student wellbeing.
Read more

Six Behaviour Management Tips to Build Positive Classrooms


‘Just don't smile before Easter’.
   I received this piece of behaviour management advice from a veteran teacher as I walked into the staffroom on my first day as a graduate teacher.
   I smiled politely in response but walked out of that staffroom bewildered. Arnold Schwarzenegger hardly cracked a smile in 137 minutes in Terminator 2 - Did I have to turn into the Terminator to be a successful teacher? Read more

An Expert’s Top Tips to Ease Back-to-school Stress


For some students, the return of the school year is met with excitement about seeing their friends and returning to learning. School is a place for these students to be challenged, set new goals, and accomplish them. However, for many students, school is a place to be on high alert. It’s a place where social uncertainty in relationships, miscommunication with teachers, and worry around their ability make school feel the opposite of a safe haven. Read more

$1000 Enough to Boost Low-income Student Performance


Low-income students in Australia are four to five years of leaning behind their high-income peers at age 15 and over 80 per cent of low income students attend public schools that are under-funded.
   It makes sense that more money being spent on lower income students might just increase their performance, but that idea still seems controversial to policy makers. New research crystalises the importance of adequate funding. Read more

The Tech-Driven Classroom: Unveiling a New Era of Educational Personalisation


In the ever-evolving landscape of education, a groundbreaking tool is redefining the way we approach student development. This revolutionary approach utilizes characteristic testing to categorize students into four distinctive groups: Prodigy, Diligent, Innovator, and Struggler. The objective? To usher in a new era of customized learning experiences, driven by technology and designed to give every student a unique and meaningful educational journey. Read more