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2018 26 March

ET News Digest
Your Weekly Education Newsletter

Time to rethink ATAR?

The ATAR is the culmination of 13 years or so of learning but as ideas about educating change and universities turn to other ways of admitting students, its relevance is being questioned.
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Tests texts too taxing?

We were always taught to answer the question in tests but it looks like understanding the question is often a problem in of itself.

     Prof Linda Graham, an expert in inclusive education at QUT found that inaccessible instructions pose an obstacle to all students’ achievement.

     They also pose an issue of fairness, since their impact is worst for students with learning disabilities such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Development Language Disorder. Read more


Two generations use same excuse for not doing homework

‘I forgot’ remains the most popular excuse given for not having done your homework. A recent survey revealed 31.7% of parents used the line when they were children and 31.8% of their offspring are still giving the same reason for not turning in their work. Read more


Streaming is bad for slower students

We do it as a matter of course, but streaming students looks more and more like it’s detrimental to slower students.

     But doing away with streaming isn’t the answer as less accomplished students progress best through structured instruction and the development of basic knowledge and skill.

     According to Prof Linda Graham, an expert in inclusive education at QUT,new research confirms that streaming places a ceiling on low-achieving students' learning.

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Gold Coast students wander galaxy with immersive, interactive learning facility

Students at Coomera Anglican College on the Gold Coast can often be found trotting about the globe, in a morning they could be found visiting the pyramids of Egypt, then heading south to feel the Antarctic chill, or even go wandering around Mars should they so choose.

     It all happens without leaving the comfort of sunny Queensland, facilitated by the school's new learning facility, The Pod. Read more

Science teacher and ex-journo win National Excellence in Teaching Awards

Michelle Allen from Torrens Primary School and Adam Porter from Hughes Primary School in the ACT have received the top awards at National Excellence in Teaching Awards (ASG NEiTA).

     Selected from around 1450 nominations in 2017, the 12 national award recipients were honoured for their inspiring and innovative contribution to teaching. Read more


ANZ partnership to support Pacific education

The Australian and New Zealand governments, together with ACER, have formalised a €12.8 million commitment with the Pacific Community (SPC) towards education in the Pacific region that extends to 2023.

     The partnership will directly contribute to the education outcome areas which have been identified by SPC and its partners as priorities which include raising achievement in literacy and numeracy. Read more


Construction starts on Wesley’s Glen Waverley campus redevelopment

Following the loss of 10 classrooms to a fire in 2016, Wesley College has commenced the construction of a new Glen Waverley Campus redevelopment. The building will be positioned at the centre of the campus, providing a centralised learning space that supports transitions through year levels. Read more


Top young artists showcased at 2018 SACE Art Show

The 2018 SACE Art Show exhibition at Light Square Gallery features paintings and drawings, sculptures, jewellery, costumes and multimedia works created by 135 Year 12 students in the Visual Arts – Art and Design – Design subjects in 2017. 

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