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2017 (9) 24 April 2017

ET News Digest
Your Weekly Education Newsletter
Whose job is it, anyway?
Teachers, whether realising it or not, teach manners in their classrooms every day – Dennis Sleigh

Most teachers don’t want to add anything else to the curriculum – unless, of course, we can also delete a lot of current content. I say this confidently because it echoes frequent comments I have heard over many years. Nevertheless, I did hear a teacher on talk-back radio recently pleading for the addition of good manners to the curriculum. Read More
Islamic school of Canberra loses Commonwealth funding
Education Minister Simon Birmingham today announced that the Islamic School of Canberra were advised that their approval for access to Federal funds has been revoked with effect from 30 June 2017 (end of second term).
The school plans to appeal against the decision. Read more
More states pull out of NAPLAN online testing trial
Victoria, ACT and WA will not participate in NAPLAN Online testing trials in schools this year, joining SA and Queensland which had already withdrawn.
Education Services Australia (ESA) has been unable to resolve technological issues that are affecting NAPLAN Online’s platform and supporting technology in time to commence the online version of NAPLAN next month. Recent testing indicates that this could affect students’ ability to complete the tests. Read More
The value of teaching on Country
Assoc Prof Libby Lee-Hammond and Elizabeth Jackson-Barrett from Murdoch University’s School of Education will work with Burringurrah Remote Community School over the next six months to investigate teaching on Country in remote areas.
“On Country Learning (OCL) is a simple yet radical idea, positioning Traditional Aboriginal Knowledge as central to the curriculum rather than peripheral,” Lee-Hammond said. “This has learning implications for all children attending schools in Australia.” Read More
Maths-fuelled fiction
Assoc Prof Michael Milford, a roboticist from QUT, has developed a program aimed to encourage the thrill of maths, through a series of books with maths and science concepts embedded in the plot.
Milford, from QUT’s Science and Engineering Faculty, works in robotics, neuroscience and computer vision. The 2015 Queensland Young Tall Poppy has written innovative high-school text books for the last 15 years. Read More
ANZAC Day reading resources
The not-­for-­profit Copyright Agency’s online hub for teachers, Reading Australia, has curated a collection of books and associated resources to help teachers explore the diverse themes of war with sensitivity and purpose in Australian high schools and primary schools.
Many students are curious to better understand the challenges Australian defence forces faced and the sacrifices they made. Read More
New teachers in out-of-field positions likely to struggle
Dr Anna Du Plessis, a Research Fellow at the Australian Catholic University’s Learning Sciences Institute Australia, said assigning teachers to roles they are not suitably qualified for can lead to teacher stress and burnout, which impacts student learning.  The impact can be enormous stress on teachers, many of whom are in the early stages of their careers, Du Plessis said. Read More
Serious mental illness on the rise among teens
A joint report released by Mission Australia and Black Dog Institute shows more young Australians are in psychological distress than five years ago, with almost one in four young people in 2016 meeting the criteria for probable serious mental illness and young females twice as likely as males to report high psychological distress.
The report shows that friends, parents and the internet are important sources of help for young people with a probable serious mental illness. Read More